Boomer Lit

I was told recently The New Me is “boomer lit.” 
Whoopee, I’m a genre. Am I a genre? Or just getting old? 

Seriously, when I hear the word boomer, I think about that TV show Here’s Boomer! The one with the adorable dog who had all those great adventures. 

The bald truth is I’d rather be the dog Boomer than a Baby Boomer. Woof woof!

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Kombucha. I’m hooked on it. Everybody at yoga is hooked on it; many times I run into people buying it at the liquor store (where they sell the good stuff that contains, heaven help us, alcohol).

I think they put freaking heroin in the stuff along with the ginger, the berries, the chia seeds or the mango. Why else do I have to have my fix every single day?

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My avocado lady…

People always say the food is better in New York, and maybe it is… but nothing beats California Farmer’s Market Produce. Laura, the avocado lady, and my good friend has five different kinds of avocados­—my current fave is the Pinkerton, which puts even the best Haas to shame.  Laura is way too glamorous to be a farmer. 

(Got this salad pic from an amazing blog called What’s Gaby Cooking: – Love it.) 


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Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

My fabulous son Amos Goodman sent me and his father tickets to see
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings last night at the Wiltern….shades of
my teenage life in Shreveport Louisiana where we used to go the Progressive
Men’s Club and hear music.

Sharon is part gospel, part blues, part soul and mostly just herself.
Everyone in the audience was dancing. What night!

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